Universal Studios Plans to Scale Back with Fast 11 After Fast X Falls Short of Expectations

News - 13 January 2024
Surprisingly, Fast X was considered a letdown for Universal Studios, as the latest installment in the Fast & Furious franchise fell short of expectations at the box office, grossing a mere $715 million. This was a significant disappointment considering the film's budget of $340 million. The underperformance of Fast X can be attributed to various factors, including behind-the-scenes conflicts such as director Justin Lin's departure due to disagreements with star Vin Diesel, as well as the extravagant scale of the film.

nnTo address these issues, Fast 11 is set to take a different approach by scaling back on the grandiosity of its predecessor. According to a source at The InSneider, the focus of the upcoming film will still revolve around the theme of speed and danger, but without the excessive use of exotic locations and elaborate set pieces. Instead, Fast 11 may center on a single major heist or race, suggesting a return to the franchise's roots.

nnMoreover, it appears that Fast 11 could mark the end of Vin Diesel's tenure as the leading man in the series, with the possibility of no continuation to a Fast 12. Additionally, there are indications that Dante Reyes, the flamboyant villain portrayed by Jason Momoa in the previous installment, may be taking a back seat in the upcoming film.nnDespite the uncertainties surrounding the next installment, Universal is aiming for a more modest budget of "200 million or less" for Fast 11, as reported by The InSneider.

The director chosen for the project is Louis Leterrier, who stepped in to replace Lin following his departure from the franchise in April 4, 2025. With production scheduled to commence later this year, it seems that the studio is prioritizing a more streamlined and cost-effective approach for Fast 11.nnIn conclusion, the disappointment of Fast X has prompted Universal Studios to reassess the direction of the Fast & Furious franchise, leading to a shift towards a simpler and more focused storytelling style for Fast 11.

By reducing the scale and budget of the film, the studio hopes to recapture the essence of the series while exploring new narrative possibilities. With changes on the horizon, fans can anticipate an exciting and unpredictable journey with the upcoming installment of the beloved franchise.