Watch & Cast Together With People You Love

A free addon to any embedded player that syncs the video for a party of people. Optionally, you can use cinema mode and even cast it to your TV.

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Supported Websites for Videos Embedding
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Getting started is really simple and easy.


1. Download the extention

The Jelly-Party extention is available for Chrome and Firefox.

2. Enter the embedded url

At the top of the page, enter the url and click on "Try It"

3. Start a new party

Click on the extention icon on your browser, click on "Start a new party" and send the URL to your friend.

Jelly Party Interface Screenshot
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Supports popular browsers

Either you're running a Chromium based browser (Chrome, Opera, Brave, Vivaldi, ...) or Firefox you can easily install the extention. Extention only works on Direct videos.

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Advanced Integration Settings

Personalize the style of the viewing page to your liking and redirect your viewers to it. Every single field will be encoded with Base64.

JSON With One or More Sources Formatted As Such '{'sourceName-mode': 'URL', ...} (Modes: direct | directhls | embed) (Required)

Dark Theme (0=no, 1=yes) (Default: 0)

Change Theme Color (HEX Code: XXXXXX) (Default: 0F53FA)

Hide Logo (0=not_hidden, 1=hidden) (Default: 0)

Custom Logo Link with https (Default: None)

Hide Instruction On How To Sync and Cast (0=no, 1=yes) (Default: 0)

Episode Title (Default: none)

Description (Default: none)

"Previous" Button URL (Default: none)

"Next" Button URL (Default: none)

"Back" Button URL (Default: none)

Disqus Unique ID (Default: none)

Error Reporting Callback (Works only for direct and directhls modes) (Default: none)

Download URL (Default: none)

Create Custom Link