Empowering Young Women: A Reflection on Girls State - A Powerful Documentary on Ambition, Activism, and Empowering America's Teenage Girls

News - 8 April 2024
Director Amanda McBain and Jesse Moss present Girls State, a thought-provoking documentary that explores how America's teenage girls experience the political climate and how they would change it if given the chance. The film serves as a sequel to the award-winning 2020 documentary Boys State, focusing on a group of ambitious young women attending the Girls State summer camp in Missouri.nnGirls State is a national program that brings together teenage girls from across the country to discuss politics and prepare for potential political careers.

However, the separation of boys and girls in the program quickly highlights the inequality that exists within the political sphere. While the girls initially come together and form a sisterhood, cracks soon begin to show as they realize that the camp does not live up to its promises.nnThe documentary takes its time to introduce the various main characters, allowing viewers to gain insight into the diversity of the group.

From different political backgrounds and beliefs, the Missouri girls gather to experience life as politicians. However, the discrepancies between the Girls State and Boys State programs become apparent, sparking a fire in the girls to address the inequalities they face.nnOne of the key issues that arise during Girls State is the minimal influence that individuals have on politics, especially in light of significant political events such as the overturning of the Roe v.

Wade ruling. The girls' frustration with the camp's limitations only reinforces their determination to fight against injustice. Additionally, the decline in confidence in journalism is highlighted as one participant launches a journalistic investigation into the differences between the two programs, revealing the unequal treatment and opportunities given to the boys.

nnAs the girls navigate the challenges of the camp and confront societal expectations, their resilience and determination shine through. Despite facing obstacles and setbacks, they remain committed to making a difference and challenging the status quo. The film ultimately serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of empowering young women to speak out and fight for their rights.

nnGirls State offers a refreshingly realistic look at the current political climate, providing viewers with food for thought on the future of leadership and activism. The girls' ambition and courage serve as a beacon of hope for a generation that is unafraid to challenge injustice and inequality. The documentary is available for streaming on Apple TV+, offering a compelling and inspiring look at the power of young ambition among girls.