New Hellboy Movie "The Crooked Man" Set to Hit Theaters This Fall

News - 6 April 2024
One year ago, news broke that a new Hellboy movie titled The Crooked Man was in the works. However, updates on the film have been scarce until recently. The production of this highly anticipated Hellboy installment was actually completed nearly a year ago, but a release date had not been set.

Fans can now rejoice as Mike Mingola, the creator of Hellboy, has announced that the blockbuster is set to hit theaters this fall.nnFor those unfamiliar with the plot of this reboot, The Crooked Man follows a new iteration of Hellboy as he teams up with a young BPRD agent in 1950s Appalachia. Together, they uncover a small community plagued by witches, led by the menacing 'Crooked Man'.

The lead role is portrayed by Jack Kesy, known for his role in Deadpool 2. Joining him are Jefferson White from Yellowstone, Adeline Rudolph from Resident Evil, and Leah McNamara from Normal People.nnThe movie is helmed by director Brian Taylor, best known for his work on the high-octane Crank films and the action-packed Gamer.

With the anticipated release slated for this fall, fans can expect more details and possibly the first official images to be unveiled in the coming months.nnOverall, The Crooked Man promises to be a thrilling addition to the Hellboy franchise, with a new storyline and fresh faces joining the cast. Stay tuned for more updates as the release date draws near.

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