Tyler Perry Discusses Exciting Future Plans with Netflix

News - 17 February 2024
In a recent interview with Movieweb, Tyler Perry, the renowned actor and director, shared his plans for the future with Netflix. Perry, who is currently immersed in his work on the war drama Six Triple Eight for the streaming platform, also revealed that he has an ambitious slate of eight more films in the pipeline. As if that wasn't impressive enough, Perry is also juggling the production of the thirteenth installment of the popular Madea franchise.

nnWhen asked about his upcoming projects, Perry expressed a sense of uncertainty about which story he will tackle next. He stated, "I have eight more films to make. So I don't know what I'm going to do, what story I'm going to tell next.

" Despite this uncertainty, Perry remains confident that the right story will present itself when the time is right. He explained, "It just depends on which character appears. Whether I make it interesting find, and there is something to be said about that, we have to continue.

"nnPerry went on to shed light on his creative process, revealing that his characters often dictate the direction of his films. He explained, "I get characters in my head. They show up and want to talk, and they want to say things, and I write it down.

" This organic approach to storytelling allows Perry to tap into the unique voices of his characters and bring their stories to life in a way that feels authentic and engaging.nnDescribing his writing process further, Perry shared, "Sometimes I get up in the morning and someone's talking. I'm just writing and I never really know where it's going to go.

The way where the story comes is the way I tell it and that is the end product." This unpredictable and spontaneous approach to storytelling has been a hallmark of Perry's work, allowing him to create compelling narratives that resonate with audiences around the world.nnPerry's collaboration with Netflix has been fruitful thus far, with projects like A Fall From Grace and The Haves and the Have Nots receiving critical acclaim and garnering a dedicated fanbase.

With eight new films in the works, Perry is poised to continue delivering the captivating storytelling and powerful performances that have made him a household name in the entertainment industry.nnWhile details about Perry's upcoming projects remain scarce, fans can rest assured that the filmmaker's signature blend of drama, humor, and heart will be on full display. Whether he's revisiting the beloved character of Madea or exploring new, uncharted territory, Perry's commitment to storytelling and his ability to connect with audiences on a deep, emotional level are sure to shine through in his future endeavors.

nnAs Perry continues to push boundaries and defy expectations, he remains grateful for the opportunity to share his work with the world. Reflecting on his creative journey, Perry remarked, "I just want to continue to tell stories that touch people, that make people feel something, that make people laugh, that make people cry." With eight new films on the horizon, audiences can look forward to experiencing the full range of Perry's storytelling prowess and creative vision in the years to come.