Director Moritz Mohr Discusses Inspiration and Casting for Action Film "Boy Kills World" Featuring Bill Skarsgård

News - 25 March 2024
Moritz Mohr, the director of the new action film Boy Kills World, recently sat down with Total Film to discuss the inspiration behind the creation and casting of the film's protagonist. Produced by Sam Raimi, known for his work on the Evil Dead franchise, Boy Kills World features Bill Skarsgård in the leading role.nnThe film follows the story of Boy, a deaf man who is trained to become a killer in order to seek vengeance against those responsible for the death of his family.

Mohr reveals that Boy's character drew inspiration from various sources, including video games, comics, anime, and classic action movies. "I am a fan of old kung fu films and Asian cinema. I also enjoy playing video games and reading manga," Mohr shares.

nnAnime and Saturday morning cartoons also played a significant role in influencing Boy's character. Mohr explains, "Anime has had a big impact on me. I wanted to create a revenge story with a unique twist by having a deaf protagonist.

" Adding to Boy's character is the voice inside his head, portrayed by Harry Jon Benjamin, known for his work as the voice of Bob Belcher in Bob's Burgers. In the film, it is hinted that Boy's inner voice may have been influenced by the last video game he played.nnWhen it came to casting the role of Boy, Mohr knew that Bill Skarsgård was the perfect fit.

Despite Skarsgård's towering height of almost two meters, Mohr believes that the actor's qualities align perfectly with the character. "Bill may not seem very boyish due to his height, but he exudes a childlike innocence that is essential to the character. Additionally, he has the physicality and skills required for the intense fight scenes in the film," Mohr explains.

nnFans of action thrillers can catch Boy Kills World in Dutch cinemas starting May 30th. The film promises to deliver a unique and thrilling experience with a deaf protagonist at its core.