The Emoji Movie: From Box Office Bomb to Netflix Top 10

News - 18 February 2024
The Emoji Movie, a film released in 2017, was based on the popular emoji symbols used in messaging apps like WhatsApp. Despite receiving poor reviews initially, the animated film has surprisingly found its way into the Netflix Top 10. Directed by Tony Leondis, known for his work on "Igor," The Emoji Movie is now being touted by Netflix as a "compelling kids' Hollywood film.

" The movie features voices from actors like T.J. Miller, James Corden, Anna Faris, Jennifer Coolidge, Christina Aguilera, SofĂ­a Vergara, and Patrick Stewart.

nnCritics have not been kind to The Emoji Movie, with a mere 6 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a slightly higher audience score of 36 percent. On IMDb, the film is rated at 3.4, indicating its lackluster reception.

Arjan Welles's review sums up the general sentiment, describing The Emoji Movie as an "annoying, humorless exercise" that fails to evoke any genuine emotion or entertainment, earning it a dismal one-star rating.nnHowever, despite its rocky start, The Emoji Movie has found a new audience on Netflix. If you're still curious about the film, you can now stream it on the popular platform.

The movie's synopsis follows the story of Gene, an emoji in Textopolis who struggles with showing only one emotion when he is capable of expressing multiple facial expressions. His journey to becoming "normal" forms the central plot of the film.nnOverall, The Emoji Movie's unexpected resurgence on Netflix has sparked renewed interest in this divisive animated feature.

While it may not have won over critics initially, its availability on a platform like Netflix allows viewers to form their own opinions and perhaps discover a new appreciation for this unique take on the world of emojis.