FilmTotaal's Top Four Thrillers You Need to Watch

News - 10 October 2023
FilmTotaal has handpicked four must-see thrillers for you to add to your watchlist. These gripping films are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you wanting more.nnFirst on our list is "Last Night in Soho" (2021) directed by Edgar Wright.

This film follows fashion student Eloise as she mysteriously finds herself transported back to 1960s London. She meets Sandie, a young woman trying to make it as a singer, and quickly realizes that things are not as they seem. Dark consequences unfold as Eloise navigates this intriguing and dangerous world.

nnNext up is "A Cure for Wellness" (2016) directed by Gore Verbinski. The film follows Lockhart, an ambitious administrator sent to a remote wellness center in the Swiss Alps to retrieve his boss. What he discovers at the spa is far from relaxing as he uncovers sinister treatments and terrifying secrets.

Escape becomes impossible as Lockhart delves deeper into the mysteries of the center.nn"Bodies Bodies Bodies" (2022) directed by Halina Reijn takes us to a remote country house where a group of wealthy young people gather to party during a hurricane. A game of 'killer' turns deadly when a real murder occurs, sparking panic and a fight for survival among the terrified group.

The tension rises as they struggle to uncover the truth and escape the horrors that surround them.nnLast but not least is "Split" (2016) directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

The film follows Kevin, a man with multiple identities, who is slowly taken over by a new and deadly persona known as the Beast. When Kevin kidnaps three teenage girls with the intention of sacrificing them to the Beast, they must find a way to outsmart him and fight for their lives against this formidable adversary.nnThese four thrillers offer a mix of mystery, suspense, and terror that will leave you captivated from start to finish.

Whether you're a fan of psychological thrillers, supernatural elements, or intense survival scenarios, these films are must-watches that are sure to leave a lasting impression. So grab your popcorn, dim the lights, and get ready for a thrilling movie night with these chilling selections.