The Demise of the DC Extended Universe: What Went Wrong and What Lies Ahead

News - 31 December 2023
The DC Extended Universe is officially over. It has come to an end, with many failed attempts to keep it alive. The franchise has been plagued with issues from the beginning, struggling to find a cohesive tone and direction.

Despite efforts to lay a foundation with post-credit scenes teasing new developments, it ultimately fell apart under the leadership of James Gunn and Peter Safran.nnOne of the most anticipated developments was the potential crossover between Batman and The Suicide Squad. In the first Suicide Squad film, there was a conversation between Bruce Wayne and Amanda Waller about forming the 'Task Force Legion of Doom'.

Additionally, a post-credit scene in Justice League teased the formation of the Legion of Doom with Lex Luthor and Deathstroke. However, these plans never came to fruition, leaving fans disappointed.nnAnother missed opportunity was the introduction of Mr.

Mind as a future villain in Shazam! The end credits of the film hinted at a collaboration between Mr. Mind and Dr. Sivana, but this storyline was never explored further.

Similarly, the sequel Shazam! Fury of the Gods failed to deliver on this promise, leaving fans wanting more.nnZack Snyder's Justice League also set up potential sequels that were ultimately canceled. Snyder introduced a scene with Batman and Martian Manhunter voicing support in the battle with Darkseid, but the Snyderverse was ultimately abandoned.

nnThe anticipated clash between Black Adam and Superman was another letdown for fans. The finale of Black Adam teased a showdown between Dwayne Johnson's anti-hero and Henry Cavill's Man of Steel, only to have these plans disrupted by James Gunn's vision for the franchise.nnShazam! was also expected to tie into the Justice Society at one point, but this connection never materialized as the DCEU began to fall apart.

Barry Allen's journey to an alternate timeline in The Flash was another storyline that was abandoned, along with the potential for future projects exploring the Multiverse.nnDespite the failures of the past, there are still some glimmers of hope for the future of the DC universe. Characters like Weasel from The Suicide Squad and Ted Kord from Blue Beetle could potentially make a return in Gunn and Safran's renewed DCU.

Post-credit scenes from these films may continue to exist in the continuity of this new vision for the franchise.nnIn conclusion, the DC Extended Universe may be dead and gone, but there are still possibilities for new and exciting projects in the works. Fans will just have to wait and see what the future holds for their favorite DC characters in the revamped franchise.