The Real-Life Horrors of Filming It Follows: The Impact on Maika Monroe and the Success of the Modern Horror Classic

News - 9 December 2023
While horror films are known for depicting events that are not real, the impact on actors can sometimes be very real and challenging. Maika Monroe, who played the lead role in the 2014 film It Follows, experienced grueling shooting days that pushed her to her limits. Despite the difficulties she faced on set, Monroe's performance in the film was widely praised.

It Follows, which was made on a modest budget of $2 million, exceeded all expectations and grossed over $20 million at the box office. The film has since gained a cult following and is considered a modern horror classic by fans.nnWritten and directed by David Robert Mitchell, It Follows presented Monroe with a unique and mentally demanding role.

When she first read the screenplay, Monroe recognized the potential for the film to either be a success or a failure, depending on the director's vision. Growing up as a fan of classic horror films like The Shining, Monroe was no stranger to the genre, but found that portraying a character in a horror film was much more challenging than simply watching one. The intense emotional and physical demands of the role required Monroe to push herself to the limit every day on set.

nnMonroe's grueling schedule sometimes required her to film for up to 12 hours straight during night shoots in eerie locations. One particularly challenging scene involved Monroe in a wheelchair on the last day of shooting, further adding to the mental and physical exhaustion she experienced throughout the production. It Follows follows a group of teenagers plagued by a supernatural curse that is transmitted through sexual contact.

Monroe's character, Jay Height, becomes a target of the malevolent entity that relentlessly follows its victims.nnNearly a decade after the release of It Follows, a sequel titled They Follow is in the works, with Mitchell returning as director and Monroe reprising her role as Jay. While details of the sequel's plot remain under wraps, fans eagerly anticipate its release.

Production for They Follow is set to begin next year, giving audiences time to revisit the original film in preparation for the highly anticipated follow-up. Though It Follows is not currently available on streaming platforms, viewers can rent the film on Pathé Thuis for a thrilling viewing experience.nnIn conclusion, the impact of horror films on actors like Maika Monroe goes beyond the screen, delving into the mental and physical toll of portraying intense and challenging roles.

Monroe's performance in It Follows stands as a testament to her dedication and talent as an actress, earning her recognition as a standout in the horror genre. As fans eagerly await the release of They Follow, the legacy of It Follows as a modern horror classic continues to captivate audiences and inspire new generations of filmmakers and actors.