Superman: Legacy Set to Begin Filming Early Next Year Under Director James Gunn, New Costume Details Kept Under Wraps

News - 27 December 2023
Filming is set to begin early next year for Superman: Legacy, a new chapter in the DC Universe reboot overseen by director James Gunn. As pre-production moves forward, fans eagerly anticipate any sneak peeks of the upcoming film. However, when asked about the possibility of revealing the new Superman costume, Gunn playfully shut down any hopes by stating the chances are "zero point zero".

The team is keeping tight-lipped until filming officially begins.nnUnlike previous Superman stories, Legacy will not focus on the hero's origin tale but instead explore his struggle between his alien heritage as Kal-El and his human persona as Clark Kent. With an exciting new direction in mind, Gunn and his team are ready to bring a fresh perspective to the iconic character.

nnThe ensemble cast is nothing short of impressive, with David Corenswet taking on the role of Clark Kent, Nicholas Hoult as the infamous villain Lex Luthor, Rachel Brosnahan as intrepid reporter Lois Lane, Skyler Gisondo portraying photographer Jimmy Olsen, Isabela Merced as the fiercely independent Hawkgirl, and Nathan Fillion stepping into the boots of Guy Gardner, also known as Green Lantern.nnAs the countdown to filming begins, fans can expect a revitalized take on Superman with a talented cast bringing these beloved characters to life. Gunn shared a glimpse of the excitement on his Instagram, hinting at the thrilling journey ahead for both the characters and the audience.

nnWith production slated to commence in March, the anticipation continues to build for Legacy, promising a new chapter in the DC Universe that will captivate old and new fans alike. Stay tuned for more updates as the project unfolds.nnIn conclusion, the upcoming Superman: Legacy film promises to be a fresh start for the DC Universe, with James Gunn at the helm and a stellar cast ready to dazzle audiences.

While details remain scarce, the excitement is palpable as fans eagerly anticipate the next chapter in the Man of Steel's story. Get ready for a thrilling ride as Superman takes flight once more in Legacy.