Ryan Gosling Reacts to Colleagues' Oscar Snub for Film "Barbie" in Humorous Oscars Commercial

News - 14 February 2024
Ryan Gosling was shocked and dismayed when he learned that his colleagues Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig did not receive Oscar nominations for their work in the hit film Barbie. Gosling took to social media to express his disappointment, causing his reaction to go viral.nnIn a humorous Oscars commercial, Gosling addressed his own reaction to the lack of recognition for Robbie and Gerwig.

The commercial featured host Jimmy Kimmel visiting Barbieland and encountering actresses Kate McKinnon and America Ferrera. Gosling also made an appearance in the promo, wearing a playful "I Am Kenough" sweater.nnIn the video, Gosling can be seen reacting with exaggerated shock and screams to the criticism of Gerwig, a clear nod to his own online outburst.

The commercial was a lighthearted way to address Gosling's initial reaction and bring some humor to the situation.nnDespite the snub, Margot Robbie herself remained unfazed by the lack of her own nomination, stating, "You can't feel sad when you are so blessed." While Gosling may have been disappointed by the oversight, Robbie maintained a positive outlook and gratitude for her blessings.

nnBarbie was a standout film in 2023, receiving a total of eight Oscar nominations. The bright and colorful movie captured hearts and imaginations, making it a must-see for audiences of all ages. The nominations were well-deserved for the film as a whole, but many felt that the performances of Robbie and Gerwig were overlooked.

nnGosling's vocal support for his colleagues highlighted the importance of recognizing all deserving talent in the industry. His online expression of disappointment resonated with fans and sparked conversations about the Oscar nomination process.nnWhile the Oscars may have overlooked Robbie and Gerwig in their nominations, the commercial featuring Gosling brought a sense of levity to the situation.

The playful video allowed Gosling to address his initial reaction in a humorous way, showing that he could laugh at himself and the situation.nnOverall, the reaction to the Barbie Oscar nominations showcased the passion and support within the entertainment industry. Despite any snubs or oversights, the recognition of talent and hard work remains paramount.

Gosling's vocal support for his colleagues served as a reminder of the importance of celebrating all contributions to the industry, whether they receive awards or not.nnIn the end, the Oscars are just one way to honor those in the entertainment industry, and the support of peers and fans can be just as meaningful. Gosling's response to the Oscar nominations for Barbie highlighted the camaraderie and respect among colleagues, reinforcing the idea that talent and dedication should always be recognized and celebrated.