Possible Sequel in the Works for 28 Days Later with Cillian Murphy Rumored to Star

News - 24 February 2024
Is Cillian Murphy gearing up to star in the sequel to 28 Days Later? Recent updates indicate that it is a strong possibility. Earlier this year, it was revealed that a sequel to the popular zombie franchise, which includes 28 Days Later..

. and 28 Weeks Later, is currently in development. This new installment is said to be the first part of a new trilogy, promising fans a continuation of the intense and terrifying story.

nnWhat's even more exciting is the news that the original 28 Days Later director, Danny Boyle, and screenwriter Alex Garland, will be returning to helm the project. Additionally, Cillian Murphy, who starred in the first film, will serve as an executive producer. This all begs the question: will Murphy reprise his role in front of the camera as well?nnDuring a recent interview on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Murphy was asked about his potential involvement in the sequel.

His response was cryptic but promising: "It's up to Danny and Alex to talk about it, but it has been brewing for a while. The first film was very important to me as an actor, and I loved working with those guys. Alex has an idea, and Danny directing is great.

Let's wait and see."nnAlthough nothing has been officially confirmed yet, a recent report from Production Weekly has mentioned Murphy as the lead actor in the upcoming film. Filming is reportedly set to begin in May, with Sony Pictures securing the rights to finance and distribute the movie.

With a modest budget of $60 million, the film is guaranteed a theatrical release, promising fans an exciting return to the post-apocalyptic world of the Rage virus.nn28 Years Later is shaping up to be a highly anticipated sequel, with the potential return of Cillian Murphy adding even more excitement to the mix. Fans of the original films will no doubt be eager to see where the story goes next, and with the original creative team on board, there's no doubt that the sequel will deliver the same level of tension, suspense, and horror that made the first films so iconic.

nnAs the production gears up for filming to commence, fans can only speculate about what new horrors await in 28 Years Later. Will Murphy's character, Jim, make a triumphant return to the screen? Will the Rage virus continue to wreak havoc on the world, or will a new threat emerge to challenge the remaining survivors? With so many unanswered questions, one thing is for certain: the next installment in the 28 Days Later franchise is sure to keep audiences on the edge of their seats. Stay tuned for more updates as production progresses and the release date draws nearer.