Netflix's Luther Film "The Fallen Sun" Sparks Talks of Potential Sequeln

News - 7 July 2023
Netflix's Luther film, Luther: The Fallen Sun, made waves earlier this year and quickly became a fan favorite on the streaming service. Given its success, it's not surprising that talks of a potential sequel are already in the works. The Luther series first premiered in 2010 and came to a close in 2019 with a brief fifth season.

However, fans were thrilled when news of a film centered around Idris Elba's iconic character finally came to fruition after several false starts.nnAccording to Samba TV, an independent analysis service, Luther: The Fallen Sun became one of the most-watched films on Netflix for several weeks. However, Elba himself believes the film was an even bigger hit than the numbers suggest.

In a recent interview with Collider while promoting his Apple TV+ series Hijack, Elba expressed his enthusiasm for the project and hinted at the possibility of a sequel. He stated, "Yes, the film did incredibly well. Luther ended up being one of the top five most streamed movies ever on Netflix, which is a fantastic achievement considering it's the first movie based on the series.

I hope we make another one because I love Luther. It's a great character and we can still do a lot with him. So: fingers crossed!"nnThe conclusion of Luther: The Fallen Sun, coupled with Elba's optimism, indicates a strong likelihood of a sequel.

Creator Neil Cross and director Jamie Payne have already hinted at the potential for future installments, adding to the anticipation surrounding the franchise.nnOverall, the success of Luther: The Fallen Sun has solidified its status as a beloved addition to the Luther series. The film's popularity on Netflix, combined with Elba's passion for the character, suggests that fans may soon be in for another thrilling chapter in the iconic detective's story.

Stay tuned for more updates as the possibility of a Luther sequel continues to gain momentum.