Netflix's Film 'Lift' Receives Mixed Reviews from Critics, Fails to Impress Audience

News - 13 January 2024
Now that Netflix has released the film Lift, Rotten Tomatoes has gathered the official critics' reviews, and the consensus is not favorable. With a meager score of 27 percent, Lift has been described as a disappointment by many critics. Oli Welsh of Polygon harshly criticizes the film, stating, "It's barely a movie.

It's an empty, glossy stand-in for one. It's the sparkly decoy that the thieves trade for the real thing while no one is looking." Similarly, Chris Joyce of Movies and Munchies expresses frustration with Lift, noting that it lacks intrigue, suspense, and clever tactics, serving only as a reminder of what it could have been.

nnDirected by F. Gary Gray, known for films like Men in Black: International, Lift features a star-studded cast including Kevin Hart, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Vincent D'Onofrio, Úrsula Corberó, Billy Magnussen, Viveik Kalra, Yun Jee Kim, and Sam Worthington. Despite the impressive lineup, the film seems to have missed the mark.

Peter Travers of ABC News blames Kevin Hart for the lackluster performance, labeling Lift as "yet another Kevin Hart failure that doesn't even try to be funny." Travers adds, "It slides by as a mundane heist film that steals time that you will never get back."nnIt's worth noting that Lift marks another disappointment for Kevin Hart, as he has not received a 'fresh' score on Rotten Tomatoes since 2021.

The 27 percent rating for Lift, while far from perfect, represents an improvement from his previous film Me Time, which only garnered a 7 percent rating in 2022. Robert Daniëls of the New York Times comments on Hart's recent struggles, stating, "Hart is stuck in neutral."nnDespite the negative reviews, there are still some positive aspects of Lift.

While the critics may have panned the film, audience reception could differ. Some viewers may find enjoyment in the action-packed heist movie, appreciating the star power of the cast and the thrilling plot twists. Ultimately, film criticism is subjective, and what one person dislikes, another may enjoy.

nnIn conclusion, Lift may not have lived up to the high expectations set by its talented cast and experienced director. However, it still has some redeeming qualities that may appeal to certain audiences. Whether you're a fan of heist films or looking for a mindless action flick, Lift could be worth a watch.

Just keep in mind that the critics weren't too impressed.