Margot Robbie Open to 'Barbie 2' Sequel But Questions Franchise Trend

News - 8 January 2024
Margot Robbie, known for her role as Barbie in the live-action film, has recently expressed her enthusiasm for the possibility of a sequel to the popular movie. Despite initial hesitation, Robbie has hinted at the potential for a 'Barbie 2' with discussions currently underway. While the actress remains optimistic about the project, she questions the necessity of turning everything into a franchise or part of a cinematic universe.

nnIn a recent interview with Variety, Robbie discussed the ongoing discussions surrounding a potential sequel to Barbie. She emphasized the dedication and effort that both she and director Greta Gerwig have put into the project, suggesting that they have poured their hearts into the film. However, despite their commitment, Robbie raises the question of whether a sequel is truly necessary.

nnThe success of the original Barbie film, which grossed $1.5 billion at the box office, undoubtedly plays a significant role in the push for a sequel. The financial success of the film has made it a lucrative property for Warner Bros.

, the studio behind the project. With the potential for further profits and public interest in the franchise, it is no surprise that there is pressure to expand the Barbie universe.nnWhile Robbie acknowledges the allure of creating more films that have a similar impact, she questions the trend of turning everything into a franchise.

In an era where cinematic universes dominate the film industry, the actress raises concerns about the creativity and originality of storytelling. Rather than succumbing to the pressure to create sequels and spin-offs, Robbie advocates for exploring new and unique narratives that challenge traditional norms.nnThe concept of franchising and expanding cinematic universes has become a prevalent trend in Hollywood, with studios capitalizing on familiar and beloved characters to generate profits.

However, this approach has also been met with criticism, as some argue that it stifles creativity and limits original storytelling. Robbie's comments serve as a reminder of the importance of innovation and risk-taking in the film industry.nnIn the case of Barbie, the potential for a sequel raises questions about the direction of the franchise.

While the original film was successful in capturing the essence of the iconic doll, some may argue that a sequel is unnecessary and could dilute the impact of the original. Robbie's hesitancy towards a sequel reflects a desire to prioritize quality and substance over commercial success.nnDespite the uncertainty surrounding a potential Barbie 2, it is clear that the film has left a lasting impact on audiences and the entertainment industry.

The success of the movie has sparked discussions about the future of the franchise and the possibilities for expanding the Barbie universe. Whether or not a sequel materializes, the legacy of the original film will continue to resonate with fans and critics alike.nnIn conclusion, Margot Robbie's positive outlook on the possibility of a Barbie sequel reflects the ongoing conversations and debates surrounding the film industry's reliance on franchises and cinematic universes.

While the financial success of the original Barbie film may warrant a sequel, Robbie's comments highlight the need for creativity and originality in storytelling. Whether or not Barbie 2 becomes a reality, the discussions sparked by the potential sequel serve as a reflection of the evolving landscape of Hollywood.