Orphan Franchise Continues to Thrill Fans with Ambitious Plans for Third Installment

News - 16 December 2023
The horror prequel Orphan: First Kill, which came out last year, was an ambitious and groundbreaking addition to the franchise in numerous ways. Director William Brent Bell has revealed that he is already working on a third installment and that fans can anticipate another unexpected twist in the intricate story of main character Ester, portrayed by Isabelle Fuhrman.nnDespite the challenges of creating a prequel with a complex narrative and demanding film techniques, Bell believes that the sky's the limit for the franchise's future: "There are so many directions we can take Orphan as a franchise.

Instead of a doll or a masked killer, we have a real character like Hannibal Lecter. The third installment is on the horizon, and I truly believe we can create something truly special that will only get better with each film. Isabelle is passionate about embodying this character, so as long as we're satisfied with the stories, we will continue to push forward with the series, and we are currently hard at work on the third part.

"nnBell also shared his excitement about taking the series in a new direction: "I recently spoke with writer David Coggeshall at a screening of Lord of Misrule, and he expressed his desire to continue crafting Orphan films because of the creative freedom it offers. After exploring one path in the second film, we now have the opportunity to explore a multitude of other directions." One of the biggest challenges of the second film was portraying Fuhrman as an adult portraying the childlike Esther.

The filmmakers were able to achieve this by using camera tricks to make the actress appear smaller than her actual size. The timeline of the third Orphan film is still shrouded in mystery, leaving fans eager to see where it will fit within the franchise's overarching story.nnIn conclusion, the Orphan franchise continues to push boundaries and surprise audiences with its innovative storytelling and captivating characters.

With a new installment on the horizon and a dedicated team of filmmakers and actors at the helm, the future looks bright for this chilling series. Fans can look forward to more shocking twists, complex narratives, and unforgettable performances as the Orphan saga unfolds.