Eli Roth Returns to Horror Roots with Sequels to Hostel and Cabin Fever Franchises

News - 8 December 2023
In recent years, Eli Roth, the well-known director, has shifted his focus towards projects aimed at a wider audience, such as The House with a Clock in Its Walls, the animated series Fright Krewe, and the upcoming Borderlands game adaptation. Despite this, Roth has recently taken a step back into the horror genre with his slasher film Thanksgiving, which is based on his fake trailer of the same name that was featured in the 2007 double feature Grindhouse. The success of Thanksgiving has sparked the development of a sequel, signaling a return to Roth's horror roots.

nnRoth's entry into the horror genre gained attention in the early 2000s with films like Cabin Fever and the first two Hostel movies. In a recent interview with CinePOP, Roth expressed his desire to continue these franchises with new installments. He stated, "There is still a lot to do with Hostel.

I would love to return to that franchise at some point. And that goes for Cabin Fever as well. They are a part of me, my 'children,' so to speak, that I have neglected for too long.

They hold a special place in my heart, and I would love to revisit them. I already have ideas in mind for both franchises and would like to direct them myself."nnKnown for his films' dark humor and graphic scenes, Roth's work in Cabin Fever and the Hostel series has left a lasting impact on the horror genre and his fans.

Despite venturing into more mainstream projects, Roth's passion for horror still burns bright, as evidenced by his desire to revisit these iconic franchises.nnThe Hostel series, which follows a group of backpackers who fall victim to a gruesome underground organization that tortures and kills for profit, has garnered a cult following since its debut. Roth's unique blend of visceral gore and social commentary has set the Hostel films apart from traditional slasher fare, making them a standout in the horror genre.

nnSimilarly, Cabin Fever, Roth's directorial debut, explores the horrors of a flesh-eating virus that spreads among a group of friends during a secluded cabin getaway. The film's mix of humor and horror, along with its memorable villain, led to its success and sparked a loyal fan base.nnWith the success of Thanksgiving and the resurgence of interest in his horror projects, Roth's desire to explore new chapters in the Hostel and Cabin Fever franchises comes as no surprise.

Fans can expect more of Roth's signature style, characterized by shocking violence, dark humor, and social commentary, in future installments of these beloved series.nnAs Roth prepares to delve back into the worlds of Hostel and Cabin Fever, fans are eager to see what new horrors and twisted narratives he will bring to the screen. Whether it's exploring the depths of human depravity in Hostel or the visceral terror of a deadly virus in Cabin Fever, Roth's return to these beloved franchises promises to deliver the same gut-wrenching thrills and dark humor that made them classics in the horror genre.