Mixed Results: Marvel's Spider-Man Universe Spin-Offs See Hits and Misses

News - 14 March 2024
In recent years, Marvel has been focusing on creating films centered around Spider-Man, while Sony has been exploring spin-offs featuring other popular characters like Venom and Morbius. However, not all of these spin-offs have been successful. The Venom films starring Tom Hardy have been well-received, with a third installment currently in the works.

On the other hand, Morbius starring Jared Leto was a commercial flop, as was the new film Madame Web, starring Dakota Johnson.nnDakota Johnson's involvement in Madame Web has already garnered criticism, with many expressing negative opinions about the film. While some may be critical of Johnson's performance, actress Sydney Sweeney, who also appears in Madame Web, has been more reserved in her comments.

Sweeney, who has been gaining recognition in Hollywood in recent years, simply stated that she was fulfilling her role in the film and did not express much more about the project.nnAs for the reception of Madame Web, the film currently holds a dismal rating of 3.7 on IMDb and an equally low rating of 12% on Rotten Tomatoes.

The box office earnings also reflect the lackluster response to the film. It seems that even Sweeney is trying to distance herself from the film, though in a more diplomatic manner compared to Johnson.nnMarvel's strategy of expanding the Spider-Man universe with spin-off films has been met with mixed results.

While Venom has been a success, other films like Morbius and Madame Web have failed to capture audiences' interest. It remains to be seen how Sony will proceed with future projects in this cinematic universe.