Will Night Swim Sink or Swim as the Latest Entry in January Horror Movie Tradition?

News - 5 January 2024
It has become somewhat of a tradition in the film industry for a low-quality horror movie to be released on the first weekend of January. This year, Night Swim takes center stage as a film centered around a haunted swimming pool. Will this movie continue the trend of disappointing horror films in January? Or will it be able to break away from the pack and join the ranks of good horror movies, such as M3gan which was released last year?nnInitial reviews of Night Swim have been less than favorable, with the film receiving a disappointing 26% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Critics have criticized the film for not being scary enough and for being too lengthy. One reviewer for the San Francisco Chronicle went as far as to say that parents could take their children to the pool without fear, as nothing in the film would make anyone afraid of the water. Another reviewer expressed their disappointment by stating that if the pool depicted in the film was a local pool, they would ask for a refund.

The Wall Street Journal was also critical of the film, predicting that it would quickly fade from memory and pass into obscurity.nnDespite the negative reviews, some critics found aspects of Night Swim to be commendable. One reviewer from Spectrum Culture acknowledged that the film lacked originality but praised its portrayal of strong family dynamics and traumatic events, noting that these elements made it an enjoyable watch.

It's worth noting that Night Swim is actually based on a short film that is available to watch on YouTube, with many critics suggesting that it may be a better use of time to watch the short film rather than the feature-length version.nnIn Night Swim, the Waller family moves into a new home only to discover that a paranormal entity is lurking in their pool. The film explores the family's interactions with this entity and the events that unfold as a result.

Despite the criticisms it has received, Night Swim is currently showing in cinemas for audiences to make their own judgments.nnAs the debate over the quality of Night Swim continues among critics and audiences alike, the film's success or failure will ultimately be determined by box office numbers and audience reception. Whether it will ultimately be remembered as a disappointing addition to the January horror movie tradition or as a surprising standout remains to be seen.