Unveiling the Flaw in the Popular Film National Treasure: A Look at the Glaring Historical Inaccuracy That Has Fans Questioning Detail in the Blockbuster

News - 2 January 2024
One of the most popular films starring Nicolas Cage, National Treasure, is known for its outlandish plot and captivating storyline. However, it also contains a glaring mistake that has caught the attention of many viewers. In a recent analysis of various blockbuster films, we discovered a significant flaw in National Treasure that has left many scratching their heads.

nnThe plot of National Treasure follows historian and code breaker Ben Gates, played by Nicolas Cage, as he embarks on a quest to find a legendary treasure that dates back to the founding of the United States. Gates teams up with fellow treasure hunter Ian Howe, portrayed by Sean Bean, on an expedition to uncover clues that lead them to the Declaration of Independence. When Howe double-crosses Gates, he must race against time to retrieve the document and prevent his former colleague from claiming the treasure for himself.

nnDespite its entertaining and action-packed storyline, National Treasure contains a historical inaccuracy that is quite jarring. During a scene where Ben introduces his friend Riley and love interest Abigail, portrayed by Justin Bartha and Diane Kruger respectively, he mistakenly points out Abigail's collection of "George Washington campaign buttons," noting that she is missing the buttons from his 1789 inauguration. However, this is incorrect as George Washington did not have campaign buttons during his time.

The filmmakers could have easily avoided this unnecessary error, raising questions about attention to detail in the movie.nnFollowing the success of National Treasure in 2004, which grossed over 370 million dollars worldwide against a 100 million dollar budget, a sequel titled National Treasure: Book of Secrets was released in 2007. This installment was even more successful than the first, cementing the franchise's popularity among audiences.

Despite the desire of the cast and crew to continue the story, there was a long hiatus before any further developments were made.nnIn 2022, plans for a third film in the series were announced, but instead of a movie, a sequel series titled National Treasure: Edge of History was slated for release on Disney+. Unfortunately, in April 2023, it was revealed that the series had been canceled, leaving the future of the franchise uncertain once again.

Fans and creators alike are left wondering what will come next for the beloved National Treasure series.nnIn conclusion, National Treasure may be a well-loved and entertaining film, but it is not without its flaws. The historical inaccuracies present in the movie serve as a reminder that even the most successful blockbusters can overlook crucial details.

As the future of the franchise remains uncertain, fans can only hope that any upcoming installments will address these mistakes and continue to captivate audiences with intriguing plots and thrilling adventures.