"Unfrosted": A Star-Studded Comedy Directed by Jerry Seinfeld Chronicles the Rivalry Between Kellogg's and Post Cereal in the Quest to Create the Iconic Pop-Tart

News - 28 March 2024
Jerry Seinfeld directs and stars in the upcoming film "Unfrosted," which chronicles the intense rivalry between Kellogg's and Post Cereal in their quest to be the first to produce the now-iconic pop-tart. Set in Michigan during the year 1963, the film delves into the world of breakfast cereals and the heated competition between these two companies.nnAccording to Netflix, the film promises to deliver a captivating story filled with ambition, betrayal, sugar, and even menacing dairymen.

Joining Seinfeld in the cast are a slew of well-known comedians and actors, including Hugh Grant, Melissa McCarthy, Jim Gaffigan, Max Greenfield, Daniel Levy, Bill Burr, James Marsden, and Thomas Lennon, among others.nnSeinfeld shared in a recent interview with Netflix how the casting process for "Unfrosted" unfolded. "I remember we were struggling to find someone to play Tony the Tiger for a long time.

Then, out of the blue, Hugh Grant expressed interest in the role and wanted to portray the iconic cereal mascot. It was surreal seeing Hugh Grant in a tiger costume, but he really brought something special to the character," Seinfeld recalled.nnAs more actors and comedians signed on to the project, Seinfeld realized the star-studded lineup that had come together for the film.

He jokingly advised aspiring filmmakers, "If you're ever casting a movie, try to get Hugh Grant first. Everything falls into place after that."nnFans of Seinfeld and lovers of comedy can look forward to the release of "Unfrosted" on May 3 exclusively on Netflix.

The film promises to be a delightful blend of humor, nostalgia, and rivalry as it delves into the world of breakfast cereals and the battle for breakfast supremacy between Kellogg's and Post Cereal.nnThe film is set to transport audiences back in time to the year 1963, a pivotal moment in the history of breakfast foods. As Kellogg's and Post vie to create a pastry that will revolutionize breakfast, viewers will witness the highs and lows of innovation, competition, and corporate espionage in the cereal industry.

nnWith a star-studded cast and a compelling storyline, "Unfrosted" is gearing up to be a must-watch film for fans of comedy and classic breakfast cereals alike. Whether you're a Kellogg's loyalist or a die-hard Post Cereal fan, this film is sure to entertain and delight as it explores the origins of the beloved pop-tart and the fierce competition that shaped the breakfast foods we know today.nnSo mark your calendars for May 3 and get ready to indulge in a deliciously funny and heartwarming tale of breakfast cereal rivalry with "Unfrosted," only on Netflix.