Uncertainty Surrounding the Future of the Scream Franchise Without its Major Stars: Can Spyglass Still Deliver a Successful Scream 7?

News - 30 November 2023
The future of the Scream franchise has been thrown into uncertainty following the departure of all its major stars. Can Spyglass still pull off a successful Scream 7 without them? Initially, things were looking bright for the franchise after Scream 6 became the most successful film in the series, grossing $169 million earlier this year. Fans were excited about the final installment, but recent developments have cast a shadow over the future of the franchise.

nnThe bombshell news came on November 21, when it was revealed that lead actress Melissa Barrera had been fired by Spyglass. The reason cited was a series of social media posts in which Barrera expressed support for the victims in Gaza and criticized Israel's actions in the conflict. Spyglass labeled her statements as anti-Semitic and decided to part ways with the actress.

Shortly after, it was announced that Barrera's co-star Jenna Ortega would not be returning for Scream 7 either. Spyglass claimed that Ortega's busy schedule filming the second season of Wednesday prevented her from participating in the next Scream installment.nnHowever, a recent report has revealed that Ortega had actually walked away from the franchise weeks prior to the official announcement.

The rising Hollywood star reportedly demanded a higher salary for Scream 7, a request that Spyglass was not willing to accommodate, leading to her departure. This echoes a similar situation a few years ago when Neve Campbell, the lead actress of the first four Scream films, opted not to reprise her role in the franchise due to salary disputes.nnWith the departure of Barrera and Ortega, the original plan for Scream 7 as the final installment in a trilogy starring the two actresses as protagonists has been scrapped.

It appears that Spyglass may now be considering a complete reboot of the franchise to move forward.nnThe uncertainty surrounding the future of the Scream franchise has left fans wondering whether a successful continuation is still possible without its original stars. While the departure of Barrera and Ortega may have disrupted the studio's plans, there is still potential for Spyglass to breathe new life into the iconic horror series.

nnAs fans eagerly await news of the direction the franchise will take, it remains to be seen whether Spyglass can overcome the setbacks and deliver a Scream 7 that will satisfy audiences and carry on the legacy of the beloved horror franchise. Only time will tell what the future holds for Ghostface and the iconic scream queen.