Title: Survival and Struggle in the Post-Apocalyptic World of Breathe

News - 15 March 2024
The latest preview for the movie Breathe depicts a bleak future where a mother and her daughter struggle for the last remaining air supply. Their already precarious situation becomes even more complicated when they are confronted by a group of mysterious shelter seekers, including the character played by Milla Jovovich. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, Maya (portrayed by Jennifer Hudson) and her daughter Zora (played by Quvenzhané Wallis) are forced to survive underground.

During a rare excursion outside, they encounter two other survivors who bring with them a new threat.nnAlongside the unidentified survivors, Maya and Zora also cross paths with characters portrayed by Sam Worthington (known for his role in Avatar) and Raul Castillo (from the film Knives Out). The trailer for Breathe hints at a gritty and action-packed film that delves into themes of trust and the fight for survival.

Director Stefon Bristol, known for his work on the comedy See You Yesterday, brings a personal touch to the story, showcasing the struggles of his characters in a harsh and unforgiving world.nnBreathe is scheduled for release in the Netherlands on May 2nd, offering audiences a glimpse into a future where the ability to breathe freely is a luxury. Experience the tension and high-stakes drama in the trailer below, as Maya and Zora navigate the dangerous landscape and encounter unexpected allies and enemies alike.