"The Beekeeper" Starring Jason Statham Takes the Lead in 2024 Box Office Rankings, While "Wonka" Surpasses Half-Billion Mark

News - 15 January 2024
The action thriller film "The Beekeeper," starring Jason Statham, has secured the top spot in the North American box office top 10 for the first time in 2024. The movie brought in an impressive $17 million in the US over the last weekend, with a total worldwide gross of around $22 million. One particularly notable aspect of the current box office rankings is the success of "Wonka," which has crossed the half-billion mark in terms of earnings.

This places the musical film in the ninth position among all films released in 2023.nnIt is important to note that production budgets for films are not always officially disclosed. On average, approximately 55% of the total earnings from ticket sales end up going back to the film studio.

The following figures have been sourced from Box Office Mojo:nn1. (N) The Beekeeper - $16,789,000 [week 1]nTotal US: $16,789,000nWorldwide: $21,952,000nBudget: unknownnRelease NL: runningnn2. (1) Wonka - $8,380,000 [week 5]nUS Total: $176,193,855nWorldwide: $507,793,855nBudget: $125 millionnRelease NL: runningnn3.

(5) Anyone But You - $6,940,000 [week 4]nTotal US: $55,179,370nWorldwide: $79,294,370nBudget: $25 millionnRelease NL: runningnn4. (4) Migration - $6,190,000 [week 4]nTotal US: $85,755,635nWorldwide: $174,720,635nBudget: $72 millionnRelease NL: runningnn5. (3) Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom - $5,265,000 [week 4]nUS Total: $108,228,347nWorldwide: $375,103,347nBudget: $205-215 millionnRelease NL: runningnn6.

(2) Night Swim - $4,660,000 [week 2]nUS Total: $19,170,415nWorldwide: $30,573,415nBudget: $15 millionnRelease NL: runningnn7. (6) The Boys in the Boat - $3,525,000 [week 3]nUS Total: $39,356,103nWorldwide: $40,376,103nBudget: $40 millionnRelease NL: unknownnn8. (N) The Book of Clarence - $2,575,000 [week 1]nUS Total: $2,575,000nWorldwide: $2,575,000nBudget: $40 millionnRelease NL: March 21nn9.

(8) The Iron Claw - $2,400,878 [week 4]nUS Total: $29,178,125nWorldwide: $29,301,372nBudget: $16 millionnRelease NL: February 15nn10. (15) American Fiction - $1,906,000 [week 4]nTotal US: $5,221,205nWorldwide: $5,221,205nBudget: unknownnRelease NL: unknownnn"The Beekeeper" has made quite the splash at the box office, propelling itself to the top of the charts in the early days of 2024. Starring the charismatic and action-packed Jason Statham, the film has captivated audiences with its thrilling storyline and high-octane action sequences.

Its impressive performance in the US and global markets showcases its widespread appeal and solidifies its position as a standout release in the current cinematic landscape.nnOn the other end of the spectrum, "Wonka" continues to be a powerhouse at the box office, crossing the impressive milestone of half a billion dollars in earnings. The musical film has proven to be a consistent performer since its release in 2023, securing a place among the top films of the year.

Its enduring popularity and enduring success underscore the enduring appeal of musical cinema and the enduring legacy of classic characters like Willy Wonka.nnAs the box office rankings continue to shift and evolve, it is clear that audiences have a diverse range of tastes and preferences when it comes to cinematic entertainment. From action-packed thrillers like "The Beekeeper" to heartfelt dramas like "Anyone But You," there is something for everyone at the movies.

The varied offerings in the current top 10 list reflect the rich tapestry of genres and storytelling styles that define the modern film industry.nnWhile production budgets may not always be publicly disclosed, the financial success of a film is often a key indicator of its impact and reception among audiences. With a significant portion of ticket sales revenue flowing back to the film studios, box office performance is a crucial metric for measuring the commercial viability of a movie.

The figures provided by Box Office Mojo offer valuable insight into the financial performance of recent releases and shed light on the trends shaping the industry.nnLooking ahead, it will be fascinating to see how the box office landscape continues to evolve in the coming weeks and months. With new releases on the horizon and audience tastes constantly shifting, the top 10 rankings are likely to see further shake-ups as the year progresses.

Whether it's pulse-pounding action, heartwarming drama, or captivating musicals, there is no shortage of cinematic experiences awaiting moviegoers in the ever-changing world of Hollywood.