Surprise Endorsement: Paul Schrader Calls Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer the Best Film of the Century

News - 19 July 2023
Paul Schrader, known for his critical eye when it comes to films, has surprised many with his overwhelmingly positive reaction to Christopher Nolan's latest film, Oppenheimer. The director, famous for movies such as Master Gardener and The Card Counter, as well as being the screenwriter of the classic film Taxi Driver, took to his personal Facebook page to express his thoughts on Nolan's work.nnIn a post that has since garnered a lot of attention, Schrader declared Oppenheimer as "the best and most important film of this century.

" He urged his followers to make sure they see it in cinemas, stating that if they only watch one film this year, it should be Oppenheimer. This high praise from Schrader, who is not typically one to gush over films, caught many by surprise.nnWhen asked by a follower if the film was worth seeing in an IMAX theater, Schrader responded with a resounding "definitely worth the trip.

" This endorsement only added to the anticipation building around Oppenheimer.nnSchrader's glowing review of Oppenheimer aligns with the initial reactions that emerged after the film's premieres in London and Paris. Critics and audience members alike used words like 'incredible' and 'epic' to describe Nolan's latest masterpiece.

Variety even took to Twitter to share Schrader's thoughts, hailing Oppenheimer as the best film of the century.nnThe buzz surrounding Oppenheimer has been building steadily, and with its release in Dutch cinemas imminent, audiences are eagerly awaiting the chance to see Nolan's vision on the big screen. The film promises to be a cinematic experience like no other, with its ambitious storytelling and stunning visuals.

nnNolan's films are known for pushing the boundaries of filmmaking, and Oppenheimer appears to be no exception. With Schrader's ringing endorsement adding to the hype, it seems that audiences are in for a treat when they finally get the chance to see the film for themselves.nnAs the release date approaches, fans of Nolan and movie enthusiasts in general are marking their calendars and making plans to catch Oppenheimer in theaters.

With Schrader's praise ringing in their ears, they can't wait to witness what is being called the best film of the century.nnIn conclusion, Paul Schrader's unexpected praise for Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer has generated significant buzz around the film. With Schrader declaring it as the best and most important film of the century, audiences are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to see Nolan's latest masterpiece on the big screen.

As Oppenheimer prepares for its release in Dutch cinemas, fans are getting ready for a cinematic experience like no other.