Rob Reiner Reflects on the Making of "When Harry Met Sally" and Its Impact on Romantic Comedies

News - 20 February 2024
Director Rob Reiner recently discussed the creation of the beloved romantic comedy "When Harry Met Sally" during an appearance on CNN's 'Who's Talking to Chris Wallace' program. In the interview, Reiner revealed that he initially envisioned a much sadder ending for the characters of Harry Burns and Sally Albright.nnThe film concludes with Harry racing to a New Year's Eve party to profess his love to Sally with a heartfelt speech.

However, Reiner disclosed that he originally planned for Harry and Sally to not end up together. This decision was influenced by the director's own emotional state at the time.nnReiner explained that he had been single for a decade and struggled to envision a future with someone.

Out of this personal struggle came the inspiration for When Harry Met Sally. In the original ending that Reiner had envisioned, Harry and Sally would reunite years later, have a conversation, and then part ways.nnThankfully, the film ultimately ended on a happier note, as Reiner found love himself while working on the project.

He met his future wife during the production of the movie, and they tied the knot the same year that When Harry Met Sally was released.nnThe heartwarming love story of Harry and Sally resonated with audiences, leading to the film becoming a classic in the romantic comedy genre. The on-screen chemistry between Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal, coupled with Nora Ephron's witty and insightful screenplay, captured the hearts of viewers around the world.

nn"When Harry Met Sally" was praised for its realistic depiction of relationships, witty dialogue, and memorable scenes, such as the iconic fake orgasm sequence in Katz's Delicatessen. The film's exploration of friendship, love, and the complexities of male-female relationships struck a chord with audiences of all ages.nnReiner's direction skillfully navigated the nuances of the story, balancing humor and heart in a way that resonated with viewers.

The film's exploration of the age-old question of whether men and women can truly be friends without romantic feelings getting in the way sparked conversations and debates among audiences.nnAt its core, When Harry Met Sally is a timeless tale of love, friendship, and second chances. The film's enduring popularity can be attributed to its relatable characters, sharp dialogue, and universal themes of love and connection.

nnReiner's personal journey mirrored that of his characters, as he found love and happiness in unexpected ways. The film served as a reflection of his own experiences and struggles with relationships, making the story even more poignant and meaningful.nnIn hindsight, Reiner is grateful that When Harry Met Sally ended on a positive note, as it gave audiences a sense of hope and possibility in love.

The film's message that true love can be found when least expected resonated with viewers and continues to inspire romantic comedies to this day.nnAs the film approaches its 30th anniversary, it remains a beloved classic that has stood the test of time. When Harry Met Sally continues to charm audiences with its humor, heart, and timeless message that love is worth fighting for, even if it takes a decade to find it.