Red Right Hand: Orlando Bloom Stars in Gripping Crime Thriller Set in American Appalachia

News - 19 January 2024
The newest crime thriller from Lionsgate, Red Right Hand, features Orlando Bloom in a hard-hitting role that takes viewers into the gritty world of American Appalachia. Filled with shootings, arguments, and plenty of violence, Bloom's character, Cash, must navigate this dangerous landscape in order to survive.nnIn Red Right Hand, Cash is a man who simply wants to live a peaceful and honest life.

However, when he finds himself deep in debt and forced to work for the ruthless crime kingpin known as Big Cat, his world is turned upside down. Determined to protect his family and his community, Cash must use every ounce of strength and cunning he possesses to stay alive.nnOrlando Bloom, best known for his roles in films like Gran Turismo, brings depth and intensity to the character of Cash.

Opposite him is Andie MacDowell, who portrays the menacing Big Cat with chilling realism. The film is directed by the talented Nelms brothers, Ian and Eshorn, who are no strangers to creating action-packed thrillers. Their previous films, Small Town Crime and Fatman, have garnered critical acclaim for their bold and brutal storytelling.

nnFans can expect Red Right Hand to deliver heart-pounding action and intense drama when it hits theaters on February 23 in the United States. While a Dutch release date has yet to be confirmed, audiences can catch a glimpse of the film's intensity by watching the gripping trailer below.nnDon't miss out on one of the most anticipated crime thrillers of the year.

Witness Orlando Bloom in a role like never before as he faces off against the dangerous forces of the criminal underworld in Red Right Hand. Stay tuned for more updates on the film's release and get ready for a pulse-pounding cinematic experience like no other.