Orlando Bloom Makes a Comeback in Action-Packed Film Red Right Hand

News - 22 March 2024
Orlando Bloom has been a prominent figure in Hollywood for many years, securing significant roles in various franchises and blockbuster films. While his presence may have been slightly less noticeable in recent times, he is making a comeback in the new hard-hitting action movie Red Right Hand. nnBest recognized for his performances as Legolas in The Lord of the Rings trilogy and Will Turner in The Pirates of the Caribbean series, Bloom takes on the lead role of Cash in this gripping film.

Cash is a character who simply wants to live a quiet and honest life with his daughter. However, his peaceful existence is soon disrupted when his brother finds himself in debt to the notorious crime boss Big Cat, played by Andie MacDowell. To protect his family, Cash is forced to work for Big Cat, all the while secretly planning to take down the criminal organization.

nnThe trailer for Red Right Hand was unveiled earlier this year, giving audiences a glimpse of the action-packed film. And now, an additional clip has been released, showcasing Cash's determination and prowess. It is evident from the footage that crossing paths with Cash is not a wise decision.

nnDirected by the talented Nelms brothers, Ian and Eshorn, Red Right Hand promises to deliver intense action sequences and a riveting storyline. The Nelms siblings have a history of creating gritty and adrenaline-fueled films, with Small Town Crime being one of their notable works. Action enthusiasts are encouraged to add Red Right Hand to their must-watch list, as it is sure to satisfy their craving for excitement on the big screen.