Netflix Cancels Highly Anticipated Film 'Average Height, Average Build' Directed by Adam McKay.

News - 6 December 2023
Netflix is known as the largest streaming giant in the industry, constantly adding new films and series to their platform to maintain their status. However, they recently made the decision to cancel a promising project titled Average Height, Average Build. This film was set to be the latest creation from acclaimed director Adam McKay, known for his previous successes such as The Big Short, Vice, and Don't Look Up.

nnMcKay, who had previously worked with Netflix on Don't Look Up, had assembled an impressive cast for Average Height, Average Build. The leading roles were set to be portrayed by Robert Downey Jr., Robert Pattinson, Forest Whitaker, and Amy Adams.

In the film, Pattinson was set to play a serial killer who enlists the help of a lobbyist (Adams) to change laws in order to make it easier for him to get away with murder. Downey Jr. would play a retired cop determined to solve the murders, despite the killer's efforts to stop him.

nnDespite the success of Don't Look Up, which became one of the most popular films on Netflix and received multiple Oscar nominations, it seems that the streaming service no longer has faith in Average Height, Average Build. The reason for this sudden change of heart? McKay abruptly left the project to focus on another film that would center around climate change. Netflix was not willing to continue the project without McKay at the helm and made the decision to pull the plug.

nnThe news of the cancellation was met with disappointment from fans who were eagerly anticipating the release of Average Height, Average Build. Many were looking forward to seeing the talented cast in action, especially with McKay's reputation for creating thought-provoking and engaging films.nnIt is unclear what the future holds for the cast and crew of Average Height, Average Build now that the project has been canceled.

Will they have the opportunity to work together on another project in the future, or will they go their separate ways? Only time will tell.nnDespite this setback, Adam McKay continues to be a sought-after director in the industry, with his unique storytelling style and ability to tackle complex issues in a thought-provoking manner. Fans of his work can likely look forward to seeing more projects from him in the future, even if Average Height, Average Build will not be one of them.

nnIn conclusion, the sudden cancellation of Average Height, Average Build is a disappointing turn of events for all those involved. However, it is a reminder of the fast-paced and ever-changing nature of the entertainment industry. Fans can only hope that this setback will not deter McKay and his talented cast from creating more captivating and thought-provoking films in the future.