Lukas Gage Talks About Scary Experience Filming Smile 2 and Teases Exciting Projects Ahead

News - 20 March 2024
During an interview regarding his new project, the film Road House, actor Lukas Gage shared some exciting news with fans. He revealed that he had recently wrapped up filming for the horror movie Smile 2 and took a moment to discuss his experience on set. Gage couldn't contain his enthusiasm as he described the intensity of the horror film, mentioning that it had a profound impact on him.

nn"It's so scary. It was the first time I was ever on a set where I was actually scared, and I got sick all at once," Gage confessed. The actor went on to explain that the frightening nature of the film led him to vomit during a particularly gruesome scene.

"I didn't think I would do that. It was just so bloody and so disgusting," he added with a chuckle.nnThe original Smile movie follows the story of Rose Cotter, a character who becomes entangled in a series of mysterious and disturbing events after witnessing a traumatic incident involving a patient.

While details about Smile 2 have been kept under wraps by Paramount, it has been confirmed that Lukas Gage will star alongside actors Kyle Gallner, Naomi Scott, Dylan Gelula, and Rosemarie Dewitt in the sequel. nnAs fans eagerly anticipate the release of Smile 2, Gage's revelation about his experience on set has only added to the excitement surrounding the film. The actor's candid remarks and contagious enthusiasm have resonated with audiences, sparking curiosity about the horrors that await in the upcoming sequel.

nnGage's willingness to open up about his challenges while filming Smile 2 serves as a testament to his dedication to his craft. The actor's candidness and transparency offer valuable insight into the demanding nature of the horror genre and highlight the commitment required to bring a chilling story to life on screen.nnWith each new project, Lukas Gage continues to captivate audiences with his raw talent and unwavering passion for storytelling.

As he prepares to take on the terrifying world of Smile 2, fans can rest assured that Gage's performance will be nothing short of electrifying.nnIn addition to his work on Smile 2, Lukas Gage's involvement in the film Road House has generated significant buzz within the entertainment industry. The actor's versatility and ability to seamlessly transition between different genres have solidified his status as a rising star in Hollywood.

nnAs Lukas Gage's career continues to gain momentum, fans can look forward to seeing the actor's impressive range and undeniable charm shine in a variety of upcoming projects. Whether he's embodying a character in a heart-pounding horror film or bringing life to a role in a gripping drama, Gage's talent and dedication to his craft are sure to leave a lasting impact on audiences worldwide.nnWith each new role, Lukas Gage demonstrates his unwavering commitment to his craft and his ability to immerse himself fully in the characters he portrays.

As he delves into the dark and twisted world of Smile 2, audiences can anticipate a thrilling and unforgettable performance from this talented actor.