Juno Temple Teases Completion of Filming for Venom 3 as Sony Expands Spider-Man Universe with New Spin-Offs

News - 25 February 2024
Sony is gearing up for a busy year with a slate of Spider-Man spin-offs in the works. Madame Web has recently been released, with Kraven the Hunter and Venom 3 set to follow in 2024. While details about Venom 3 have been scarce, actress Juno Temple, who will star in the film, has provided some insight during a recent interview.

nnTemple revealed that filming for Venom 3 is nearly complete, stating, "We are nearing the end. We are almost done." She went on to share her experience working on the film, describing it as a "wild but wonderful journey.

" Temple expressed her excitement about working on such a large-scale production, highlighting the opportunity to collaborate with incredibly talented individuals. She also expressed her gratitude for being a part of the film's impressive cast and shared her anticipation for sharing the final product with audiences.nnWhile specific plot details for Venom 3 remain under wraps, it has been confirmed that the film will be directed by Kelly Marcel, who co-wrote the script with star Tom Hardy, who also serves as a producer on the project.

The highly anticipated sequel is scheduled for a theatrical release in early November.nnFans of the Venom franchise are eager to see how the story will continue to unfold, especially following the events of the previous films. With the addition of new characters and potentially new challenges for Eddie Brock/Venom to face, there is bound to be plenty of excitement and surprises in store for audiences.

nnGiven the success of the previous Venom films, expectations are high for Venom 3 to deliver another thrilling and entertaining movie experience. The combination of a talented cast, a skilled creative team, and the established fan base of the franchise bodes well for the upcoming sequel.nnAs the release date for Venom 3 approaches, fans can expect more details and promotional material to be released, building anticipation for the next chapter in the Venom saga.

Stay tuned for updates on Venom 3 and get ready to witness the symbiotic action and adventure that await in this highly anticipated film.