Jenna Ortega Embraces Dry Characters in Interview and Talks Future Collaboration with Tim Burton for "Beetlejuice" Sequel

News - 24 March 2024
Jenna Ortega embraces the expectations people have of her due to her typically dry characters, stating that her own personality is similar. She acknowledges that she can be happy in conversation but will still make a dry remark, turning the moment into a joke. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Jenna reveals her long-standing desire to work with renowned director Tim Burton, who is known for his iconic films like "Wednesday" and "Beetlejuice.

" Their collaboration has propelled Jenna to new heights in Hollywood.nnWhen discussing the upcoming sequel to the classic ghost movie "Beetlejuice," Jenna expresses her excitement, noting her fondness for the original film and its iconic status during Halloween. She believes that the sequel will continue to captivate audiences with its strange and unique storyline, emphasizing the importance of connecting younger generations to artistic and creative concepts.

Jenna believes that the more unconventional a film is, the more people will be drawn to watch it.nnDuring the filming of the sequel, Jenna reveals that the production team recreated Winter River and transformed a town in Vermont to resemble the classic style of the original "Beetlejuice." The residents of the town were thrilled with the nostalgic recreation, and the experience was sentimental for the returning cast members.

Jenna also shares her own joy at working on the film, noting the happiness she observed in director Tim Burton, who was visibly delighted and engaged behind the camera.nnFor more insights into Jenna Ortega's career and experiences working on the "Beetlejuice" sequel, viewers can stay tuned for Vanity Fair's upcoming YouTube video featuring the rising star. Jenna's journey in Hollywood and her collaboration with Tim Burton are sure to captivate audiences and provide a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the highly anticipated sequel.