"Invincible: The Live-Action Film in Development After Writer's Strike Delay"

News - 25 February 2024
Invincible, known for its success as a comic series and animated show on Prime Video, is also in the works to be made into a live-action film. The project was initially put on hold due to a writer's strike in Hollywood last year, but now that the strike has ended, progress is being made once again. Robert Kirkman, the creator of Invincible, as well as The Walking Dead, shared in an interview that work on the live-action film has resumed.

nn"We'll get back into it," Kirkman stated, emphasizing that they are not rushing through the process. With the animated series already gaining popularity, they want to ensure that the live-action film will stand out and offer a unique experience for fans. Kirkman expressed that a live-action adaptation brings a different feeling compared to the comic series and the animated show.

nn"I like the idea that the Invincible comic is one thing, the Invincible animated series is one thing, and the Invincible live-action thing will be a completely different thing," Kirkman explained. While specific details about the film are still scarce, it was originally set to be released by Universal, with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg on board as writers and directors. However, it remains unknown if this plan will continue or if there will be any changes to the creative team.

nnWhen it comes to casting, Kirkman has a clear idea of who he envisions in certain roles. During IGN’s Fan Fest, he shared that he would love to see Steven Yeun portray Cecil Stedman in the live-action film. Yeun currently voices the character of Invincible in the animated series, but Cecil Stedman is depicted as an older character.

It will be interesting to see how Yeun transforms for this new role and brings a beloved character to life in a different format.nnAs the live-action Invincible film continues to progress, fans eagerly anticipate more announcements regarding the cast, crew, and production details. The success of the comic series and the animated show have built a strong foundation for the live-action adaptation to make its mark and offer a fresh perspective on the beloved story.

Fans of the Invincible universe can look forward to experiencing the story in a new light as the film takes shape and brings the characters to life in an exciting new way.