Inconsistencies in the Star Wars Franchise: The Case of BB-8's Changing Antenna Color

News - 13 November 2023
Mistakes in films are often overlooked, whether they are small details or big bloopers. In the Star Wars franchise, there are discrepancies that have caught the attention of die-hard fans. The final trilogy, in particular, has faced criticism from some fans due to certain inconsistencies in the plot.

One of the main issues raised is the character of Rey, who appears to possess extraordinary powers without any formal training. Additionally, the sudden return of Palpatine in the storyline has left many scratching their heads.nnDespite these flaws, one character that has managed to capture the hearts of viewers is the droid BB-8.

Designed as a replacement for the iconic R2D2, BB-8 quickly became a fan favorite. Created by J.J.

Abrams and brought to life by special effects artist Neal Scanlan, BB-8's design was simple yet endearing. The asymmetrical panels on the droid made it easier for audiences to connect with its movements, further enhancing its popularity.nnHowever, a keen-eyed viewer will notice a glaring inconsistency with BB-8's design throughout the films - his antenna.

In one scene, Rey discovers that the antenna is bent and proceeds to "repair" it. However, when she reinstalls the antenna, its color inexplicably changes. This mistake is not a one-time occurrence; the antenna's color changes multiple times throughout the films.

nnThe reason behind this discrepancy lies in the fact that multiple BB-8 dolls were created for the production. The most prominent version was a puppet operated by puppeteers Dave Chapman and Brian Herring. In addition to the puppet, there were radio-controlled units and static versions used in various scenes.

A fully functional robot was deemed impractical for filming purposes, so different versions of BB-8 were utilized depending on the requirements of each scene.nnThe moving scenes involving BB-8 were primarily filmed using the puppet, with the rod later removed in post-production to give the illusion of autonomy. Subsequently, a self-contained unit was constructed and utilized for animated sequences.

It is likely that the various BB-8 dolls used in filming did not all have the same color antenna, thus resulting in the noticeable inconsistency in the films.nnDespite efforts to maintain continuity in BB-8's design, the error of the changing antenna color persists throughout the films. This oversight serves as a reminder of the meticulous attention to detail required in the world of filmmaking, where even minor mistakes can be scrutinized by eagle-eyed viewers.

nnIn conclusion, while Star Wars may be a beloved franchise with a dedicated fan base, it is not immune to errors and inconsistencies. The case of BB-8's changing antenna color serves as a testament to the challenges faced in creating a seamless cinematic experience. Despite this mistake, BB-8 remains a beloved character in the Star Wars universe, and his endearing presence continues to resonate with fans worldwide.