I.S.S.: A Sci-Fi Thriller Review and Release Information

News - 19 January 2024
At the conclusion of last year, viewers were treated to the trailer for the highly anticipated sci-fi thriller I.S.S.

The trailer generated a lot of buzz, and now that the film has been released, reviews from film critics are beginning to surface. The movie revolves around three American and three Russian astronauts who find themselves on the International Space Station, only to face unexpected challenges. Directed by Gabriela Cowperwaite, known for the acclaimed documentary Black Fish, I.

S.S. promises to deliver an intense and gripping story.

nnThe plot of the film takes a twist when a global nuclear war erupts on Earth, prompting the American and Russian astronauts to receive secret instructions. Their mission: take control of the space station by any means necessary. As tensions rise and alliances are tested, the astronauts must navigate a dangerous and uncertain situation.

With its intriguing premise and high stakes, I.S.S.

has piqued the interest of viewers and critics alike.nnInitial reviews of the film on Rotten Tomatoes were overwhelmingly positive, with a 92% rating based on 13 reviews. However, as more critics weighed in, the overall rating dropped to 67% after 64 reviews.

While the film has been praised for its stunning visuals and strong performances from the cast, some critics have expressed disappointment with the predictable and lackluster storyline. Despite these criticisms, the general consensus is that I.S.

S. has its merits and is worth a watch for fans of the genre.nnFor those eager to see the film, it may be a while before it becomes available in all regions.

While I.S.S.

is now playing in American theaters, international audiences, including those in the Netherlands, may have to wait a bit longer to catch the movie. Whether it will be released on streaming platforms in the near future remains to be seen, but for now, fans will have to be patient and wait for the opportunity to experience the space station thriller for themselves.