Hollywood's Dependence on Franchises: The Future of The Matrix Series

News - 4 April 2024
The sentiment that Hollywood is running out of ideas and relying too heavily on existing franchises is a common one. This sentiment is particularly true when it comes to The Matrix franchise, which is currently in the works for a fifth installment. The original Matrix film was released in 1999 to critical acclaim and became a classic.

It was followed by two sequels, completing the trilogy. Many thought this would be the end of The Matrix series, but then came The Matrix Resurrections, the fourth film in the franchise.nnReleased in 2021, The Matrix Resurrections did not receive the same level of praise as its predecessors.

The film holds a mediocre rating of 5.7 on IMDb and a disappointing 63% on Rotten Tomatoes. The box office earnings of $157 million also fell short of expectations, especially considering the film's $190 million production cost.

Despite this lukewarm reception, Warner Bros. has decided to move forward with a fifth installment.nnRecent announcements have revealed that neither of the Wachowski sisters, who directed the previous films, will be involved in the making of the fifth Matrix film.

Instead, Drew Goddard, known for his work on The Cabin in the Woods, has been tapped to lead the project.nnWhile the team behind the fifth film promises something great, not everyone is enthusiastic about the prospect of another installment in The Matrix series. Fans have expressed concerns about the franchise being further diluted with unnecessary sequels.

Some feel that the impact of the original film will be tarnished by endless additions to the series, with one fan even stating, "After the fourth entry, there's absolutely no need for this. More sequels are just going to tarnish the impact of the original."nnOthers have criticized the fourth film, The Matrix Resurrections, for feeling like an afterthought and straying from the core concepts that made the original film so beloved.

One Twitter user remarked, "The fourth one felt like an afterthought, and it damaged the foundation concept IMO. Felt like a soft reboot opening the door for nonsense add-ons."nnThere are also skeptics who believe that the decision to continue the franchise is purely driven by financial motives.

One fan suggested that the studio is trying to "milk a few more millions out of the franchise" after the perceived failure of the fourth film. Another fan questioned, "Maybe just create something new?"nnIn a landscape dominated by sequels, reboots, and adaptations, the announcement of a fifth Matrix film raises questions about creativity and originality in Hollywood. Is there still room for innovation in a market saturated with franchise fatigue? Will audiences continue to flock to theaters for familiar stories, or will they seek out new and exciting narratives? Only time will tell how the fifth Matrix film will be received and whether it can recapture the magic of the original.