Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire Trailer Reveals Janine Potts in Iconic Overalls after 40 Years

News - 16 March 2024
The trailer for Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire gave fans a glimpse of something special - Janine or Annie Potts finally getting her own Ghostbusters overalls. In an interview, Potts reflected on how it felt to finally step into the iconic uniform after forty years of being part of the Ghostbusters world. "Although the boys never complained about them, the overalls are not exactly flattering.

But I was thrilled to finally don them alongside the boys," she shared.nnPotts also opened up about the experience of bringing together the new and original Ghostbusters cast members. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, she expressed her excitement about the reunion and how sweet it was to see the two worlds collide on set.

"The coming together of the two types of 'Busters' was so special," she said.nnReturning to the iconic fire station in New York brought a wave of nostalgia for Potts. She compared the feeling to being on the beach and enjoying the familiarity of the sea.

"Filming Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire was like riding waves of nostalgia. It's a big deal to be back in New York, back at the fire station. The whole experience felt huge," Potts explained.

nnFans in Dutch cinemas can catch Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire starting April 4th, where they can witness the long-awaited reunion of old and new Ghostbusters characters on the big screen.