Dynamic Trio: Statham, Stallone, and Ayer Reunite for Action-Packed Film Levon's Trade

News - 27 January 2024
In 2013, Jason Statham and Sylvester Stallone collaborated on the film Homefront, with Statham in the lead role and Stallone serving as the scriptwriter. While they are best known as the dynamic duo from The Expendables, their partnership extended beyond that iconic franchise. Recently, Statham teamed up with director David Ayer for the action-packed film The Beekeeper, which received high praise from audiences and is considered one of Statham's best films to date.

nnFans of Statham, Stallone, and Ayer may be thrilled to learn that the trio is set to work together on a new project. Ayer will once again direct Statham in the upcoming action film Levon's Trade, which is based on a screenplay by Stallone. The title was confirmed several months ago, and Deadline has reported that Amazon MGM has secured the distribution rights for the film.

The highly anticipated movie is slated for a worldwide theatrical release in the coming year.nnLevon's Trade is based on a novel by renowned comic book writer Chuck Dixon, which centers around the character Levon Cade. Cade, a former Black Ops soldier, has left his secretive past behind to pursue a career in construction.

However, when his boss's teenage daughter goes missing, Cade is compelled to utilize his expert training once again. His quest to locate the young girl leads him deep into a dangerous criminal underworld, where he must confront a sinister conspiracy that jeopardizes his newfound life.nnIf Levon's Trade proves successful, it has the potential to launch a new franchise for Statham.

The source material, Dixon's book series, boasts twelve installments, hinting at a wealth of storytelling opportunities for future films. With Statham's action-packed on-screen presence, Stallone's engaging screenplay, and Ayer's adept direction, Levon's Trade promises to deliver thrilling entertainment for audiences worldwide.nnOverall, the collaboration between Statham, Stallone, and Ayer holds great promise for cinematic success.

Their combined talents and the compelling premise of Levon's Trade set the stage for an action-packed and riveting film experience. As fans eagerly await the release of this highly anticipated project, they can look forward to witnessing a powerhouse trio bring their creative vision to life on the big screen.