Disney's Expensive Animated Film, Strange World, Faces Financial Flop Despite Critical Acclaim

News - 6 January 2024
In the previous year, there were several high-budget movies that failed to perform well at the box office. Some examples include The Marvels, The Flash, Shazam! Fury of the Gods, and Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. Additionally, Disney had its own share of financial disappointments with the release of Strange World, an animated film featuring voice talents such as Jake Gyllenhaal, Lucy Liu, and Alan Tudyk.

The storyline of Strange World revolves around the Clades, a family of explorers on a mission to save a plant called Pando in an underground world filled with unique creatures. However, their conflicting personalities and differing opinions put the success of their mission at risk.nnDespite its financial failure, Strange World received positive reviews from critics, earning a commendable 72% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

While this rating may not be as high as Disney's other successful animated films like Moana and Encanto, it still suggests that the movie was well-received by some audiences. Reviewer Arjan Welles from FilmTotaal also praised the film in his review.nnUnfortunately, Strange World turned out to be a significant flop for Disney in terms of financial performance.

With a production budget of $180 million, the film only managed to gross $73 million worldwide, resulting in a loss of approximately $200 million when all costs are taken into account. In addition to inadequate marketing efforts, Disney's decision to release animated films like Strange World on Disney+ during the pandemic may have contributed to their underperformance in theaters. However, the studio experienced a resurgence in 2023 with the success of Pixar's Elemental.

nnOverall, the failure of expensive blockbusters like Strange World serves as a reminder that even big-budget movies backed by major studios can sometimes miss the mark at the box office. Despite positive reception from critics, financial success is crucial for the longevity of a film franchise. Disney and other studios will need to carefully assess their marketing strategies and release plans to ensure the success of future projects.