Disney Junior's Animated Series "Ariel" Sparks Controversy with Surprising Twist on Ursula

News - 31 March 2024
Following the success of the live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid, Disney Junior is set to launch an animated series aimed at younger viewers, titled Ariel. New images from the series have recently surfaced online, sparking a wave of controversy. While some complaints mirror those that arose when Halle Bailey was cast in the film, there are also new elements causing a stir.

nnOne of the most surprising revelations from the teaser for the animated series is the depiction of Ursula, a character traditionally known as the villain in The Little Mermaid. In this incarnation, Ursula is portrayed as a benevolent figure, acting as Ariel's jovial aunt and serving as a mentor in the practice of magic to the young protagonists of the show. This departure from the sinister portrayal of Ursula in the original films has caught many fans off guard.

nnIn the live-action adaptation, actress Melissa McCarthy took on the role of Ursula, embodying the conniving and malicious traits that audiences have come to associate with the character. However, in Ariel, Ursula appears to have undergone a complete transformation, positioning her as a central figure in guiding the younger characters towards a positive and empowering narrative.nnAriel, the titular character of the series, is not a direct adaptation of the film version; instead, she is a reinterpretation that draws inspiration from the beloved Disney classic.

While an official release date has yet to be announced, Disney has revealed that Ariel is slated to debut on its channels in the upcoming summer season, promising an exciting new chapter for fans of The Little Mermaid franchise.