"Dick Maas to Make a Comeback with Amsterdamned Sequel in 2025: A Thrilling Mix of Action, Horror, and Suspense"

News - 23 December 2023
In 2025, filmmaker Dick Maas is set to make a comeback with a new action/horror/thriller film. This time, he is working on a sequel to one of his most successful movies, Amsterdamned, which was released back in 1988. The first poster for the upcoming film has been unveiled, featuring the return of protagonist Huub Stapel.

The poster depicts Stapel standing above a dark canal, with another ominous figure of a murderous diver lurking in the water below. It appears that Stapel's character, Erik Visser, will once again find himself on the trail of a deranged killer who uses the city's canals as their hunting ground. While the premise may sound like a familiar trope, Maas is known for his ability to surprise and shock audiences with unexpected twists and turns in his storytelling.

nnDespite initial speculation, the movie will still be set in Amsterdam, much to the disappointment of fans who may have hoped for a change of scenery in other Dutch cities like Alblasserdamned, Leidschendamned, Monnikendamned, Rotterdamned, Schiedamned, Veendamned, Volendamned, or Zaandamned. Stapel's character will reportedly undergo a de-aging process through special effects for flashback scenes, adding an extra layer of complexity to his character development. Hopefully, Maas will not repeat the technological mishaps that plagued his previous film, Prooi, which featured a less-than-convincing CGI lion rampaging through the streets of Amsterdam.

nnThe first poster for the upcoming sequel teases a return to the atmospheric and eerie vibe of the original Amsterdamned, with Stapel's character once again facing off against a sinister foe in the city's dark and mysterious canals. Fans of the original film will no doubt be excited to see Stapel reprising his role and delving back into the world of underwater suspense and terror that Maas expertly crafted in the 1988 classic. With the promise of new surprises and twists in the storyline, the sequel is shaping up to be a thrilling and engaging continuation of the Amsterdamned saga.

nnMaas's decision to revisit the world of Amsterdamned after so many years is a bold move, but one that is sure to please fans of the original film. The director's unique blend of action, horror, and thriller elements has always set his films apart from the rest, and it will be interesting to see how he brings a fresh perspective to the familiar setting of Amsterdam in the sequel. Stapel's return as Erik Visser promises a new chapter in his character's story, with the added challenge of confronting a new threat in the form of the murderous diver lurking in the canals.

nnAs anticipation builds for the release of the sequel in 2025, fans can only speculate on what surprises Maas has in store for them. Will Stapel's character finally put an end to the reign of terror that has plagued the city's waterways, or will he find himself in a deadly game of cat and mouse with the enigmatic killer once again? With Maas at the helm, anything is possible, and audiences can expect to be on the edge of their seats as the tension and suspense build towards the film's climactic conclusion.nnIn conclusion, the upcoming sequel to Amsterdamned is shaping up to be a thrilling and captivating addition to Dick Maas's filmography.

With Stapel's return as the intrepid Erik Visser, audiences can look forward to a new chapter in the saga of the murderous diver haunting the canals of Amsterdam. As Maas gears up to deliver another pulse-pounding mix of action, horror, and suspense, fans can rest assured that the sequel will be a worthy follow-up to the original film that captivated audiences over three decades ago. Get ready to dive back into the dark and dangerous world of Amsterdamned in 2025.