Denzel Washington's Surprising Payday for "The Little Things" - A Reminder of Hollywood's Unpredictable Nature

News - 21 December 2023
Denzel Washington, a highly esteemed actor in Hollywood, has brought many notable performances to the big screen including Training Day and Remember the Titans. However, it may come as a surprise that he was paid handsomely for what is considered by some to be one of his lesser films - The Little Things in 2021.nnIn The Little Things, Washington portrays Kern County Sheriff's Deputy Joe Deacon, who is sent to Los Angeles under the guise of a routine assignment.

Little does he know, he will soon find himself entangled in a hunt for a serial killer alongside Sergeant Jim Baxter, played by Rami Malek. The two of them, along with the mysterious Albert Spasma, portrayed by Jared Leto, delve into the depths of an investigation fraught with intrigue and suspense.nnWarner Bros.

had high hopes for the film, believing that with three Oscar-winning actors at the helm, success was inevitable. In a bid to secure Washington's participation, the studio offered him a contract that included a lucrative bonus clause tied to the film's performance at the box office. nnHowever, The Little Things failed to meet expectations, only managing to rake in $31 million against its $30 million production budget.

Despite the lackluster performance, Washington's bonus clause was set at such a disproportionately low level that Warner Bros. found themselves obligated to pay him a substantial sum to compensate. Ultimately, they resolved to pay Washington a staggering $40 million for his role in the film, exceeding the total box office earnings.

nnThis turn of events sheds light on the unique dynamics at play in the film industry, where even the most seasoned actors may find themselves involved in projects that do not necessarily live up to their potential. Despite its underwhelming reception, The Little Things serves as a reminder of Washington's enduring talent and star power, commanding a significant sum for his involvement in the film.nnWashington's portrayal of Deputy Joe Deacon in The Little Things may not have garnered critical acclaim, but his undeniable presence and charisma on screen continue to captivate audiences worldwide.

While the film may not have achieved the desired commercial success, it stands as a testament to Washington's commitment to delivering compelling performances, regardless of the project at hand.nnIn conclusion, Denzel Washington's role in The Little Things may have been associated with financial disappointment for the studio, but it serves as a testament to his unwavering dedication to his craft. Despite the film's shortcomings, Washington's performance shines through, showcasing his ability to elevate even the most challenging of roles.

As one of Hollywood's most beloved actors, Washington's legacy in the industry remains unparalleled, with each new project further solidifying his status as a true cinematic powerhouse.