DC's Aquaman 2 Faces Uncertain Box Office Fate Amid Disappointing Industry Trends

News - 4 December 2023
Earlier today, an article was released discussing the disappointing box office figures for Marvel's latest blockbuster, The Marvels. Now, it appears that DC may be facing a similar fate with their upcoming film, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. While the movie has not been released yet, initial box office predictions are not looking promising for DC.

This news comes at a time when DC is hoping for a major success following a lackluster year. nnDC's previous releases this year, including Shazam! Fury of the Gods, The Flash, and Blue Beetle, all failed to meet expectations. The anticipation for Aquaman 2 is not looking much better based on early predictions.

While the first installment of Aquaman was a huge success, grossing over $1 billion worldwide, the sequel is not projected to reach the same level of success. nnBox Office Pro is estimating that Aquaman 2 will bring in between $32 and $42 million in its opening weekend and $105 to $168 million worldwide. However, the film had a production budget of $205 million, making these numbers underwhelming.

While there is a possibility that the sequel could surpass expectations and perform as well as the original, the odds seem to be against it. nnAdditionally, pre-sale ticket numbers for Aquaman 2 have not been very promising, showing a 62% decrease compared to the pre-sale numbers for Black Adam. This could be an indication of the general lack of interest or anticipation for the film.

nnOverall, DC is facing a challenging time at the box office, and Aquaman 2 may not be the redemption they were hoping for after a series of previous disappointments. While there is still a chance for the film to surprise audiences and perform beyond expectations, the current outlook is not as optimistic as the studio may have hoped. nnIn conclusion, the fate of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom remains uncertain, but based on early predictions and pre-sale numbers, it seems that DC may be in for another box office disappointment.

Only time will tell if the sequel can defy expectations and become a hit like its predecessor.