David Ayer expresses disappointment over Warner Bros.' handling of Suicide Squad and moves on from DC Universe

News - 5 January 2024
Director David Ayer, known for films like End of Watch and Fury, has been open about his frustrations with Warner Bros. handling of his DC film Suicide Squad. The original version of the film that Ayer had envisioned was vastly different from what ended up being shown in theaters.

Changes, such as the addition of popular songs and alterations to character traits, shifted the tone of the film dramatically.nnFollowing in the footsteps of the release of the Director's Cut of Justice League, fans have been clamoring for Warner Bros. to release the Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad.

Ayer himself had expressed enthusiasm about the possibility earlier in 2023, but recent statements to a British publication revealed that he feels the studio's political dynamics are hindering the release of his version. The situation has only worsened in recent times, as Ayer's recent posts on social media reflect his disappointment and resignation from the project.nnIn one of his candid tweets, Ayer declared, "I'm done with DC.

It's done with the Director's Cut. It's all very sad. But it's a relief to cry.

I feel healthier. It's a wound that needs to heal. Nothing about that situation feels right.

The studio has no interest in releasing my version. It's time to put this behind me." The director seems to have reached a point of acceptance and is ready to move on from the project.

nnWhen confronted by a user who suggested he should continue to push for the release of his version, Ayer responded firmly, "No, it's been good. I'm not going to beg to get this done. I have to protect my heart better in the future.

" His words convey a sense of finality and a desire to focus on future projects rather than dwell on the past.nnDespite his disappointment with the studio's decision, Ayer's experience with Suicide Squad has not been entirely negative. The film still holds meaning for him, as it represented an opportunity to explore unique characters and tell an unconventional story within the DC universe.

However, the changes imposed on the film during the editing process ultimately shaped a final product that diverged significantly from his original vision.nnAyer's relationship with the DC Extended Universe seems to be at an end, at least for the time being. The director's comments suggest a sense of closure and a desire to distance himself from the project that caused him so much frustration.

While fans may still hold out hope for the release of the Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad, it appears that Ayer himself has come to terms with the situation and is ready to move on to new creative endeavors.