Dave Franco Casts His Mother in Awkward Scene for Short Film, Shares Funny Behind-The-Scenes Story

News - 20 February 2024
Dave Franco, known for his role in the film Now You See Me, recently shared a funny and awkward behind-the-scenes story from a short film he made. In this particular scene, Franco cast his own mother and had her in the room while his character was supposedly masturbating. The actor humorously recalls the moment, revealing that it happened to be his mother's birthday when they filmed the scene.

nnThe scene in question comes from the 2012 short film titled Would You, where two intoxicated friends engage in the party game of the same name. The game involves presenting each other with uncomfortable and sometimes absurd scenarios and having to choose between them. In this case, Talia Tabin's character poses a question to Franco's character that involves a disturbing choice between witnessing a sexual act involving his parents or masturbating to a photo of his mother while she watches.

nnFranco's character ultimately opts for the latter, leading to the humorous casting decision to have his real mother, Betsy Franco, in the scene. The actor explains that he wanted to avoid the discomfort of having a stranger in the room for such a scene, so he jokingly decided to ask his own mother to participate. Betsy Franco later shared that it was indeed a memorable and unique birthday experience for her.

nnThe actor's anecdote showcases his playful and light-hearted approach to filmmaking, as well as his willingness to incorporate his own personal relationships into his work. Despite the potentially awkward nature of the scene, both Dave and Betsy Franco approached it with humor and a sense of fun, resulting in a memorable and entertaining moment for both of them.nnOverall, the story of Dave Franco casting his mother for an awkward scene in a short film highlights the quirky and unconventional aspects of the entertainment industry.

It also sheds light on the close relationship between the actor and his mother, who shared a lighthearted and humorous experience together on set. This behind-the-scenes anecdote adds an interesting and amusing layer to Franco's creative work and showcases his unique approach to storytelling and filmmaking.