"Bella Baxter's Wardrobe in 'Poor Things': A Visual Journey of Sexual Awakening"

News - 11 December 2023
In "Poor Things," the character Bella Baxter, portrayed by Emma Stone, undergoes a unique transformation after being brought back to life by the eccentric doctor Godwin Baxter. The film's costume designer, Holly Waddington, reveals that Bella's wardrobe plays a vital role in depicting her journey of sexual awakening following her resurrection.nnWaddington describes Bella's style as a blend of Victorian aesthetics with modern twists and exaggerated silhouettes.

Throughout the film, viewers are treated to a visual feast of crop tops, 1930s-inspired lingerie, billowing skirts, statement puffed sleeves, and flesh-toned blouses. One standout piece is a blouse with prominent center pleats, multiple flaps, a cinched waist - playfully dubbed the 'vagina blouse' by the designer and director.nnThe color palette of Bella's costumes reflects the film's underlying sexual themes, with Waddington opting for soft pink hues that evoke the tones of human skin.

The designer explains, "I delved into everything related to the body. By using shades of pink reminiscent of flesh, the costumes took on a subtle resemblance to female genitalia." Additionally, a jacket made from latex in the color of a Victorian-era condom added an unexpected twist to Bella's wardrobe, earning it the moniker of the 'condom jacket.

'nn"Poor Things" will grace Dutch cinemas starting February 8, 2024, offering audiences a glimpse into Bella's visually captivating journey of self-discovery and transformation.