"Arthur the King": Mark Wahlberg Stars in Heartwarming True Story of Adventure and Friendship

News - 17 November 2023
The upcoming film "Arthur the King" featuring Mark Wahlberg has just released its official trailer. The movie follows the character Michael Light, played by Wahlberg, as he embarks on a challenging journey with a street dog by his side. Together, they enter a grueling race in the Dominican Republic where their bond is tested and strengthened.

nnBased on a true story, "Arthur the King" follows Michael Light as he prepares for the ultimate race of his life. Little does he know, his faithful companion, the mutt named Arthur, will accompany him on the adventure. The race spans over a course of 10 days and 700 kilometers, involving challenging tasks like climbing, cycling, and kayaking.

nnThe film is directed by Simon Cellan Jones, known for his work on projects like "Klondike" and the upcoming action comedy "The Family Plan" starring Mark Wahlberg. With a talented cast including Simu Liu, an emerging actor known for his role in "Barbie," and Nathalie Emmanuel, an Emmy-nominated actress and "Game of Thrones" veteran, the movie promises to be a heartwarming tale of friendship between humans and animals.nnIn addition to the main cast, adventurer Bear Grylls also makes a special appearance as himself in the film.

The combination of experienced actors and fresh talent is sure to bring an engaging and emotional story to the screen.nn"Arthur the King" is set to hit theaters in the US on March 22 next year. While a release date for the Netherlands has yet to be announced, fans can get a sneak peek of the film by watching the trailer below.

Join Michael and Arthur on their extraordinary journey filled with challenges, triumphs, and the unbreakable bond between man and his loyal companion.