Angelina Jolie Shines in Action-Packed Thriller "Salt" with Cliffhanger Ending

News - 18 December 2023
Angelina Jolie has made a name for herself in the film industry, starring in a variety of movies throughout her career. One of her notable roles was in the 2010 action film "Salt," directed by Phillip Noyce. The movie ends with a cliffhanger, leaving viewers with unanswered questions and a desire for more.

However, fans of the film should be aware that there are spoilers ahead.nnInitially, Jolie was not slated to play the lead role of Evelyn Salt in the film. The original script was written for a male lead, with Tom Cruise set to portray Agent Salt.

However, due to scheduling conflicts with other projects, Cruise had to step down from the role. This led to a rewrite of the script, with Jolie taking on the role of the CIA agent at the center of the story.nnIn "Salt," Jolie's character, Evelyn Salt, is a CIA agent accused of being a Russian spy.

The plot revolves around Salt's mission to assassinate the Russian president during his visit to America. As Salt races against time to clear her name and prevent a political assassination, the audience is taken on a thrilling ride filled with action and suspense. Throughout the film, viewers are treated to flashbacks that reveal more about Salt's mysterious past and true identity.

nnThe movie concludes with Salt being taken away in a helicopter, but not before making a deal with Agent Peabody to eliminate the remaining Russian agents. The final scene shows Salt running through a snow-covered forest, her face set with determination. In addition to the theatrical release of "Salt," there are two alternate versions of the film: a director's cut and an extended version.

The director's cut features a modified ending in which Salt's colleague Winter shoots the president instead of merely incapacitating him, creating a thought-provoking twist.nnDespite the success of "Salt" and the anticipation for a sequel, news of a follow-up film has been scarce. Director Phillip Noyce, initially enthusiastic about the possibility of a sequel, eventually moved on to other projects, stating that he had exhausted his ideas for the character of Evelyn Salt.

Fans have been left disappointed by the lack of updates on a potential sequel, with many longing to see Jolie reprise her role as the fearless agent on a new mission.nnAs we approach the 13th anniversary of the release of "Salt," the wait for a sequel continues. While the future of the franchise remains uncertain, viewers can still enjoy Jolie's captivating performance in the original film, available for streaming on platforms such as Netflix.

Whether or not a sequel will ever materialize, the legacy of "Salt" as an action-packed thriller with a strong female lead will undoubtedly endure.