"Angel Has Fallen": A Tale of Diverging Opinions Among Critics and Audiences

News - 7 April 2024
The consensus between film critics and moviegoers on Rotten Tomatoes is usually quite close, with scores generally aligned. However, there are times when there is a significant disparity between the two groups, as seen in the case of the action film "Angel Has Fallen." This trend was also observed last week with another Gerard Butler action film, "Kandahar.

"nnIn "Angel Has Fallen," released in 2019, Butler portrays the character of Mike Banning, a dedicated bodyguard to American President Trumbull, played by the legendary Morgan Freeman. When President Trumbull is targeted in an attack, Banning becomes the prime suspect, leading to his arrest. Banning must then evade capture by the FBI while simultaneously working to uncover the true source of the threat.

In addition to clearing his name, he must also safeguard his family and defend the nation.nnThe critical reception of director Ric Roman Waugh's film on Rotten Tomatoes has been rather harsh, with film critics only giving it a dismal 38% rating. The general consensus among critics is that "Angel Has Fallen" falls short, offering nothing new and failing to leave a lasting impact.

In contrast, the audience rating on the platform stands at an impressive 93% after receiving over 10,000 votes, showcasing a significant deviation of 55% between critics and audiences.nnInterestingly, the IMDb rating for the film falls in the middle ground with a score of 6.4, acting as a mediator between the conflicting opinions of critics and audiences.

For those interested in forming their own judgment, "Angel Has Fallen" is available for streaming on various platforms such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Pathé Thuis, and Videoland.nnUltimately, the divide in opinions between critics and audiences regarding "Angel Has Fallen" reflects the subjective nature of film appreciation and the varied tastes of viewers. While some may find faults in the film's execution and lack of originality, others may appreciate its entertainment value and Butler's performance.

Regardless of individual perspectives, the film continues to generate discussions and debates among movie enthusiasts, underscoring the diverse reactions it elicits from different viewers.